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Skipping routine maintenance? Here's what it will really cost.

Have you ever been driving along and heard a strange noise from your vehicle? Most of us have. What do you do? Roll down the window and listen closely or are you someone who rolls up the windows, blasts the radio, and considers it fixed? As a teenage girl, my father always told me this is something I should NEVER do. Unfortunately I learned the hard way, WHY this was a bad idea! Now, as the wife of the owner of an auto repair shop, I get it even more. Too often we have customers come in for an expensive repair that could have been avoided by paying attention to strange sounds, or with general routine maintenance. Here are the biggest ones to watch out for.


We recommend rotating your tires with every oil change so it isn't missed or forgotten. If your tires are wearing unevenly, rotating them can extend their life. It may also indicate a deeper issue that requires correction. It is best to catch it sooner than later. Cost to rotate tires: Free to $100.00 This is a much more palatable price than a set of new tires which can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the type.

Oil Changes

Vehicles take different types of oil, and those oil types last varying amounts of time. Going over your recommended oil life can lead to disasterous results. Most oil changes are under $100.00 but replacing your engine can be upwards of $5,000! It is never worth the risk of skipping the oil change.

Timing Belts

A timing belt will run approximately $750 to replace, but it needs to be done. Over time, the belt can wear and if it gives out, you can damage your engine costing thousands of dollars in damage.


Skipping your brakes can not only make your vehicle unsafe, it can warp your rotors adding 2-3X the cost of the brake pads you needed.

Spark Plugs

Who can forget about spark plugs? They are unnoticed until one fails and your vehicle is no longer operating properly. They are inexpensive to replace, and commonly over looked.

At Three Ring Repair we utilize several methods to remind you of your services due.

1. Customer portal -you can access your vehicle service history 24/7.

2. Text message reminders

3. Email reminders

4. Post Card reminder

5. Oil sticker reminder

We encourage customers to set up their next routine service in advance so your reminders are set and nothing is missed!

Overall, it's important to remember that spending a few hundred dollars a year to keep your vehicle in optimal condition will always be less epensive than the repairs that will follow if your routine maintenance is skipped.

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